There‘s nothing more annoying than being told you have to wait in all day for an engineer to arrive. With Aga-man, appointments can be made in advance, but if you need to go out, just give me your mobile number and I‘ll call when I‘m on my way. As a family man, I understand the need to fit domestic jobs around your family‘s lifestyle. So if you need to collect the kids or you have a dentist appointment, just let me know and I‘ll work around it.


I will always estimate a price for the job before I start, so there are no nasty surprises when payment is due. If additional parts or labour are needed, I will let you know the cost for these in advance of doing the extra work.


Working with Agas can be a messy business. However, I take great care to keep the mess to a minimum and I‘ll always clean up after myself.


I'm Gas Safe registered and trained at Aga-Rayburn in Telford. Call me on 07850 686843 or complete the contact page to book a service or discuss a job.


For your safety and security, please ask to see my Gas Safe registration card when I arrive. This will confirm who I am, so you can be sure you are opening the door to a genuine engineer. My photo is on my profile page as well.


Gas Safe Installer
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